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Sunday, September 18, 2005

We've got movie sign!

Sigh. I miss MST3K.

Anyway. I've seen three movies since last weekend. The best of them was "The Aristocrats". Hilariously vulgar. Twice I actually did spit takes during the movie, at one point splattering the wall and my shirt with Dasani water. I am sooo sophisticated.

"The Brothers Grimm" umm...sucked. Badly. Well, more than anything it was boring. It was the most tempted I have been to walk out on a movie since "The Thin Red Line"

And yesterday I saw "Just Like Heaven". It was an enjoyable romantic comedy. And Reese Witherspoon is always good. So is Mark Ruffalo, for that matter.

I'd see another movie today, but I have to drive to Atlanta and spend the week up there working. They love me at the Atlanta branch. I'm huge there. And the restaurants are great.


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