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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The big picture

Life is funny. You never know what's going to happen. I'm in a reflective mood tonight.

Whenever I am in a mood like this, thinking about how unpredictable life can be, I think about Donna Booth.

Donna and I went to high school together. We had some of the same classes, and went to the same parties. We were on student council together. We weren't really friends; I didn't really like her all that much, and I think the feeling was mutual on her part.

But I knew her pretty well because she was one of the stars on the girl's track team, and I covered the team for the local city newspaper. It was a pretty good team, as I recall. So I used to watch her race all the time and went on road trips with the team and interviewed her and other members from time to time, yada yada yada.

Anyway, Donna was like Goldengirl. She was tall, blonde, and pretty. She was popular, and she got good grades. I think after graduation she went to Brown. Anyway, I'm sure that the summer after graduation was the last time I saw her. But we always knew that for people like Donna, the sky was the limit. She was one of the beautiful people, and she was gonna be just fine.

Fast forward about 17 years or so. I got an email from my friend Zeke in Tampa telling me to check the obits in our old hometown paper, The Daily Hampshire Gazette. We used to check it all the time (before the website went subscription) to see who we knew that might have shuffled off this mortal coil.

I checked it, and found that Donna had died.

It really threw me. It gave me pause. If Donna could die at a young age....

It made me think. There are no promises. Anything can happen.

That rattled me enough. But then Zeke told me to check out a book, Hometown by Tracy Kidder. He wrote it about Northampton, where we grew up:

"Probing beneath Northampton's friendly exterior, Pulitzer-winning author Tracy Kidder uncovers the town's many layers, from the lowest to the highest rungs of society, and renders a portrait of Northampton by introducing those who know it best. Kidder relies most heavily on native Tommy O'Connor, a 33-year-old police sergeant who has never left his beloved hometown. Tommy's optimism and gentle humor make him an appealing guide, as he shows both the darkest and most charming streets of his town and wrestles with a future that may forever alter his relationship to Northampton. Kidder also introduces readers to Laura Baumeister, a young working mother and Ada Comstock scholar at Smith College who is struggling to care for her son and keep up with the rigorous school curriculum; Alan Scheinman, a real estate lawyer who made a fortune in the 1980s, now plagued by a crippling case of obsessive-compulsive disorder; and Samson Rodriguez, a former loom operator who may have been one of the first people to bring crack cocaine to Northampton. "--Kera Bolonik

One of the people Tommy (we called him Todder) came into contact with was a woman in her mid 30's--a drug addict who had two kids. She was a mess physically and emotionally. She said the man she married turned out to be a transvestite. If I remember correctly, Todder had to bring her in for either posession or intent to buy. She was driving around in some beater car with some dirtbag. He took a boxcutter off her. He felt bad about it because he knew her from school.

Anyway, yes, that woman , whose name was changed in the book, was Donna Booth. That really threw me. This time I was completely blown away. My last memory of her was this Goldengirl image. How does someone go from that to that?

Life. Who knew?

Rock on!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Ice Harvest

Hmm....I thought I would like it better than i did. I liked it, but with two of my favorite actors, Billy Bob Thornton and John Cusack in it, I thought I would like it a little bit more. I don't think it knew if wanted to be a comedy or a drama.

And, it suffered in comparison to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

I still recommend it though. Oliver Platt is funny.

I realized today that I haven't played Guild Wars in a few weeks. I guess I've been distracted.

I could use a piece of pie. A holiday pie. I wonder where the home of the holiday pies is?

The great unwashed

I was in Wal-Mart last night. There are way too many folks out there walking around in public in stained sweatsuits. For God's sake, people, do a wash!

Simply irresistable.

Friday, November 25, 2005

I feel so dirty.....

I Googled myself today.

Ever do that? Enter your name in quotes into the Google search engine?

I was surprised. I came up quite a few times. Mostly from old press releases or articles for my work. Now that I'm at corporate, I don't do as much media as I did when I was at the branch level.

But I was also surprised at how many people are running around out there with my name. It seems to be a bit more common than I would have thought.

Some of my brothers:
  • a boxer
  • an alcoholic
  • a deputy sheriff
  • some guy who runs the website for the Tasmanian Racing Club
  • a musician
  • an attorney
  • a kayak rider from Maine
  • a road racer from New York

Weird. Maybe we should all form a club.


Eating fried turkey on Thanksgiving is a lot like going out and getting really drunk, in that there is hell to pay the next day.

Today, instead of a hangover, I have to clean the turkey fryer. Boy, it sure tasted good yesterday, but now I have to pay the piper. It's soaking now.

What a production. Getting rid of the oil. Taking it apart. Cleaning it. Soaking it. Cleaning it again...

And there is no way not to get a lot of oil on you during the process. At least there isn't for me. I don't do it gracefully.

It is the singularly most unpleasant task I have to perform on a regular basis. Regular being once or twice a year.

Hmm...that being the case, I guess I'm doing okay.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

Man, that was a great movie! Funny, clever, well-written, quirky, offbeat, and dark. I laughed a lot.

I've never really liked Val Kilmer or Robert Downey Jr. Kilmer always seemed to be kind of a self-centered prick (although I liked him way back in "Top Secret") and Downey Jr. always seemed kind of annoying. But they were both fantastic in this film. I'm going to buy it the very day it comes out on DVD.

Christmas tree shopping tomorrow. The best part of Christmas tree shopping for me is the tipping of the guys after they bring it to the car and tie it to the roof rack. I'm good at tipping. Very smooth and natural. I get a lot of satisfaction from a flawless tip. About the only other time I get a chance to tip is when I get my car detailed at Park Place Car Wash.

Rock on!


A nice quiet day at home. One of only two days that my work is closed, so I know I won't get any phone calls. Nice....

Fried turkey. I'm a big fan!

Other than that, not much going on. Probably watch a little football. Tak a nap or two. I'm also a big fan of naps.

I burned some CDs earlier of some of my absolute favorite tunes. Busy busy....

I am in a very good mood lately. I wonder why....

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fuck Harry Potter

Wanted to see Good Night and Good Luck today, but there was no place to park--the lot was jammed with people going to see Harry Potter. So I bagged it and came home and had a nap.

It surprised me Potter was still this big. I guess it's been off my radar.

Stupid wizard.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Walk the Line

Tremendous movie! The performances were fabulous. It lived up to all my expectations. Two thumbs way way up!

Tomorrow will be Good Night and Good Luck. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is also playing, but I'll have to catch that one next week.

That is the thing about the fall. It gets colder, but the movies get better.

I'm a loser baby.....


It's going to be a long bleak winter. It's getting too cold here in Florida. Maybe I should move farther south. Cuba maybe.

The Gator's season might as well be over. Ditto the Dolphins. The Red Sox are in turmoil. I don't like basketball or hockey. What is a boy to do?

At least I've got good movies lined up for the weekend. "Walk the Line" today and "Good Night and Good Luck" tomorrow.

But then what?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sands through the hourglass....

Where does the time go? I haven't written in a while. I guess I've had nothing to say.

I don't like taffy.
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