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Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

Man, that was a great movie! Funny, clever, well-written, quirky, offbeat, and dark. I laughed a lot.

I've never really liked Val Kilmer or Robert Downey Jr. Kilmer always seemed to be kind of a self-centered prick (although I liked him way back in "Top Secret") and Downey Jr. always seemed kind of annoying. But they were both fantastic in this film. I'm going to buy it the very day it comes out on DVD.

Christmas tree shopping tomorrow. The best part of Christmas tree shopping for me is the tipping of the guys after they bring it to the car and tie it to the roof rack. I'm good at tipping. Very smooth and natural. I get a lot of satisfaction from a flawless tip. About the only other time I get a chance to tip is when I get my car detailed at Park Place Car Wash.

Rock on!


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