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Friday, December 16, 2005

Crab Balls and Dog Tracks

Going to the beach this weekend.

I like the beach, although I don't tan, and I don't like to swim in salt water.

The room will have a beachfront private balcony, although I don't usually go out on it.

The room will have a hot tub, but I won't use it.

Why am I going?

Crab balls. Love 'em! Joes Crab Shack in Jax Beach. Come on by. Mention my name.

And maybe the dog track. Although it has been many many visits since I turned a profit there.

Maybe the zoo.

Catch up on a some reading.

Try not not to think about work. The next three weeks will be brutal. Got to charge the batteries.

Know what I need?

A good, solid, old fashioned, socio-psychotic state of bliss.



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