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Monday, December 26, 2005

Dan the Man

Earlier I mentioned that Carl Yastrzemski had been my hero growing up.

He retired in 1983. Luckily, Dan Marino came along that same year to fill the void. And I followed his career faithfully, until the day he retired in 1999. In fact, I saw his last game in person, that horrible blowout loss to the Jaguars in the first round of the playofffs that year.

Not a good day. Great seats, but not a good day.

Almost everyone I know who has met Dan Marino has said that he is an asshole and not very nice in person. Over the years I have come across many people who have said that.

The most recent occaison was this past friday at the KISS 105.3 radio remote. Sam, co-host of the Morning Flakes Show is from South Florida, and she maintained that not only was he an asshole, but he wasn't even that good looking.

Now wait a minute.

I can live with him being a jerk. Hey, if I was Dan Marino, and everyone wanted a piece of my time, would I always be unfailingly polite and gracious?

Hell, I'm not unfailingly polite and gracious now. And nobody wants a piece of my time.

But to say he's not good looking.....that is beyond the pale.

He's dreamy. I could just get lost in those deep blue eyes of his.

I say this with a staunch unblemished record of heterosexuality: I would let Dan Marino do me.


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