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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Let this be a lesson


My wife's family is crazy. For the first 15 years or so, they were, for the most part amusing. Like a band of trained chimps might be. But for the last 5 years their antics have lost all their charm for me, and I avoid them like typhoid. Most of them live only a couple hours away in Orlando, but I think it's been a couple of years since I've had to see any of them. To her credit, my wife is tired of them also.

On Sunday night, as I was going out for a walk, her mother called.

It was a good hard power walk. Up a lot of inclines. Took about an hour. Got the old heart rate up and worked up a good sweat.

When I got back, I asked her what her mother had wanted. We had been invited to Jacksonville for a kinda sorta reunion with most of the immediate family. She had, of course, found an excuse and turned her mother down.

I was so high and pumped from the endorphins released during my exercise, and was in such a good mood that I actually convinced her it might be fun and we should go, at least for a few hours. She was shocked, but she called back and said we'd go.

Those endorphins have long since worn off, or leaked out, or skulked off, or whatever they do. Now I am looking at December 10 on the calendar and thinking to myself "was I fucking crazy?"
Stupid endorphins.

Toys and gravy.


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