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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Like sands through the hourglass....

I was in a reflective mood today on the way back home from the beach. I saw an A&W on Beach Boulevard. Not like the old ones, of course, it was one of those bastardized hybrids. This one was a combination A&W/KFC.

An abomination.

That got me started thinking about the A&W that used to be in Greenfield, Mass. It was one of those old fashioned ones, where the carhops would come out and bring your food to you.

My buddies and I used to go up there all the time. It was either Tuesday or Wednesday that was Chili Dog Day. We used to make sure we had the afternoon off from work, and then we'd go up and scarf down chili dogs and some of that incomparable A&W rooty-beer!


The A&W is long gone, of course.
As is the mini-golf course at Mt. Tom Amusement Park.
No more T.J.s.
No more Retreat.
No more....I can't remember the name of that dance club in Easthampton we used to go to all the time....
No more....anything, really.

I don't have any kids. But it occurs to me that if I did, and I tried to take them to places I used to go all the time, there would just be a bunch of other stuff there.

How about that.


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