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Thursday, December 29, 2005

What to read?

I am depressed.

I have finished the last book in Dennis Lehane's Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro series.

Now what am I gonna read?

I have three other series for which I constantly anxiously await each intstallment. The above series, plus John Sanford's Lucas Davenport series, James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux series, and Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. I savor each book. They are the kind of books you don't want to read too fast because you want to enjoy them and relish the experience.

None of the series has a new book on the horizon. Now I'll have to make do with Koonz, Grisham, Kellerman, Grafton, etc.

Heavy sigh.


Blogger Prairie Girl said...

I'm depressed -- just this minute finished reading a book. And I recalled you made a post (this one) about finishing a favourite book.

I think we have somewhat similar reading tastes at least in regard to these mystery/crime books.

And so you might not have heard of the one I just finished: It's called "Speak of the Devil" and you can read about it on R. Hawke's site.

The writer writes like you (he must have read your blog :-)

8:02 AM  

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