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Friday, December 30, 2005

When I was a boy....

My first real job was as a service clerk at the Stop & Shop on King Street in Northampton, Mass. I was probably 17 years old.

I was an awesome service clerk. Helpful, hard-working, efficient. I could just about bring in more carts at a time than anyone. And I was a flashy bagger. I'd flip the cans and stuff around with a flourish. Think of Tom Cruise in "Cocktail" except with green beans and canned corn instead of vodka and tequila.

And I can still get it done, damn it. Once in a while I get a chance at Publix when they're short staffed and I dig right in. I've still got it. You never really lose it, they say.

And now today I look with scorn on these service clerks of the 21st century as they either bring in one or two carts at a time, or they use one of those new-fangled electric cart retrievers, or whatever they call them. Where is the pride?

Pussies. When I was a boy.....


Blogger Her Uber Cuteness said...

you are soo right!
You do still got it...
bag boy extroardinaire!

5:26 AM  

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