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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Aunt Flo is visiting..

I've been thinking about a previous post where I mentioned what my favorite euphemisms for menstruation were. I did a little research and uncovered these additional bon mots:

A visit from Cap'n Bloodsnatch
Gettin' down with the O.B.
The Red River's flowing
Checking into the Red Roof Inn
Kate Bush-ing
Falling to the communists
Red Skelton dropped by
Walking the beach in soft focus
Clean up on aisle one!
Dishonorable discharge from the Uterine Navy
The kitty has a nosebleed
A little ketchup with my steak
Miss Scarlett's coming home to Tara
Pad straddling
Panty shields up, Captain!
Too wet to plow
Trolling for vampires
It's "that time of the month" when I'm "not at my best" because "my vagina is bleeding"

Yeah, yeah, I know. I wouldn't think it was so funny if I had to experience it.

How do you know I don't?


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