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Monday, January 16, 2006

Life Is Funny

You never know about life. The biggest changes and most seminal moments can hang on the smallest thing.

Every once in a while I'll get to talking with someone, and they'll ask me how I came to live in Gainesville. And I always say that the reason I am in Gainesville, a city I have come to love, is because of an insulation truck.

That's why I'm here.

After Mrs. Fabulous got her MBA from Clemson, we moved to Laurens, South Carolina where she went to work for Avery Dennison, and I went to work for Carolina Finance. In the beginning I managed the branch in Clinton, and then eventually I managed their largest branch, which was in Greenville.

After a couple of years, we decided we wanted to move to Florida. Mrs. Fabulous is originally from Jacksonville Beach, and I was ready to move somewhere where it's warm most of the time.
So every week I would pick up four Sunday papers in Greenville. I would get the papers from Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami, which were the only 4 Florida Sunday papers they carried. And every week she would look for something that struck her fancy. She applied to a few companies, but nothing came of it.

Then, one day in August of '96 I drove to the bank in Greenville where my branch had its bank account, so I could pick up the bank bags from the deposit the night before, just like I did every weekday morning. I parked in the lot next to an insulation truck, and I went into the bank. And when I came out of the bank, the driver of the insulation truck was standing in the parking lot, looking at my pickup.

He had hit my pickup. His wheels had been cut too far when he parked, and when he backed out, he scraped all along the passenger side of my pickup. Looked nasty.

Long story short, the insulation company cut me a check to get the damage repaired.

The pickup had been paid off several years before, and it was just body damage, the truck ran fine, and you could still close the doors and everything, so I figured I wouldn't get it fixed. Instead, we took half the money and put it away, and took the other half and went to Jacksonville Beach for the Labor Day weekend.

We had decided to stay home for the weekend originally, but when this money fell into our lap we figured "what the hell".

So we drove down and had a good weekend. And then on Sunday morning I stopped off at the convenience store, figuring I might as well pick up the Jacksonville paper since that would be one less paper I'd have to get when we got back. And I noticed there was a Sunday Gainesville paper too. I didn't know Gainesville had a Sunday paper--it was not a large enough paper to be available in Greenville. So, on a whim, I picked it up.

And it just so happened that the doctors had placed an ad that week for a Practice Manager. She applied, the main guy flew up to meet her, we drove down for a second interview, they hired her, and by Halloween we were in Gainesville.

If that truck doesn't hit me that morning, we're not in Jacksonville, we don't find out there is a Gainesville paper, we don't buy the paper, and none of the last nine years happens.

Well, they happen, but who knows what form they take?

Life. You never know. Every single action impacts every other action down the line. There are a myriad of possibilites at every single turn.

Funny, huh?


Blogger christina said...

Really funny. I still have NO idea how I got to where I am today. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog, BTW. I've seen you around at Prairie Girl's blog and such.

2:18 AM  
Blogger Clo said...

I was reading your text (difficult for me because english is not my usual language) and it gives me the same feeling as looking at "The Great Lebowski". I love that film...

9:01 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Christina--Glad you could drop by. Pull up a chair!

Clo--The Great Lebowski eh? I'll take that. At least it doesn't remind you of Steel Magnolias!

2:27 AM  

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