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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Make your fun where you can

This is an awesome idea. I can't believe I never thought of it.

I'm something of a prankster. I used to work for Mercury Finance. We did secondary auto lending. All day long we would get faxes from car dealerships about deals they wanted us to buy.

I'm not a big car guy fan. A lot of these deals were ridiculous. A waste of our time.

I can't remember specific dealers, but there were a couple who would always get on my nerves. The F&I guy would call every five minutes to try to argue why we should buy the deal. Pains in the ass.

What I would do is run off about 5 pages from the copier with the lid open, which would produce a jet black piece of paper. Then I would remove the outgoing number from our fax machine, tape the five sheets together in a continuous loop, and send it to the dealership. It would just keep running and running in a loop until it ran his fax machine out of toner.

Good times.

A small one I like to do is remove the M and N keys from a coworker's keyboard and switch them. It usually takes them quite a while to catch on.

If you have time and they haven't signed off their computer, you can go into Word and program it to replace one word automatically with another. Replace "the" with "ass". Replace "very" with "very stupid". You get the idea.

Once when I was in Birmingham, and the District Director was out of town, Jessie and I went to a bookstore, bought every teen magazine we could find, and we plastered his office with pictures and posters of teen idols, pop singers, boy bands, etc. His office looked the bedroom of a thirteen year old girl.

There have been a couple of times I have turned in my notice at work. On April 1st.

I really have got to come up with something good this April Fool's. I'll put on my thinking cap.


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