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Friday, January 13, 2006

My softer side...

I am not what you would call a devotee of musicals, but there are a few that I like. I think that makes me fairly unique among most of the males I come in contact with every day. Well, the heterosexual males, anyway.

I like The Music Man and My Fair Lady. I like 1776 even more (I know all the songs by heart). And my favorite musical is Chess.
Chess is great. It was written by Tim Rice and the music was done by the two guys from ABBA (I could look up the names, but I don’t have the attention span. I know they were the two B’s in the name of the group, though).

It has an awesome pop score and very witty and smart lyrics. Most people, even if they are not familiar with the musical, know One Night in Bangkok, sung by Murray Head.

Hmmm....I'm gonna have to listen to the soundtrack at work today.


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