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Sunday, January 22, 2006

On the road again....

This afternoon I embark on my seven hour drive to Birmingham, Alabama. I like to drive, though. The rental car has XM Radio, which I love, and between that and my iPod I'll be all set. Plus I get a lot of good thinking done on the road. I have a lot of projects in the hopper and I'll be able to noodle out some good ideas I hope.

The car giveaway was a huge success. It went as smoothly as we could have hoped. The weather was great, the flow of people was smooth, there was a big crowd the last few hours counting up to the drawing, and I kept them entertained by playing Monty Hall and giving away stuff:

Who can show me a paper clip?
Who can show me a pair of pink socks?
Who can show me a red wallet?
Who can show me something with a Miami Dolphins logo?
Who can show me a Kennedy half dollar?

And so on and so on. People go nuts for free stuff. It s just exciting to get something for nothing, I guess. At least it kept them entertained while we waited.

And the winner was great, just the sort of person I really wanted to win the car. She was at a park playing with her daughter when her husband heard the name on the radio, and they made it back well within the 20 minute limit. They both donated six times last year, and they seemed like folks who could really use a new car, although that may be a misconception on my part.

Plus we signed in over 80 whole blood donors and 6 apheresis donors. We could have used a little more volunteer help, but overall it went very well. And we might be doing it again next year.

I had a great time playing the music and working the mike, I was really in my element. Although if we do it again, this time I want to have karaoke. I really wanted to do some singing, and I think it would have been a blast to have donors come up and belt out a few tunes.

It was my intention to post some pictures of the event, but I had the wrong person using my camera and I really don't care for most of the shots. The ones I think might be good still need some work and I've been trying to punch them up using some program, but of course Mr. Technologically Challenged is having a hard time getting them the way I want them. We'll see.

I really should could have used Prairie Girl there as my official photog.

My favorite slice of the day, aside from the winning of the car, was my new friend Lauren, who is about three years old and the cutest thing you'll ever see. She was facinated by the music, and she kept wanting me to dance with her. I think at one point we must have danced for 15 minutes straight, and she would copy every move I would do. Her dad calls her a mockingbird.
We had a great time, but the kid wore me out. And of course, I have no pictures of any of it.

But still, proof that Mr. Fabulous is not all sarcasm and cynicism and smart ass. Once you get past those hard layers I have a soft chewy center.

I'm a Tootsie Pop.


Blogger threecollie said...

Congratulations on how well your event came off. It sounds like it was wonderful and that the people who won the car were just right!

8:02 AM  
Blogger The Wrath of Dawn said...

Congrats! Sounds like you had a blast. You big ol' Tootsie Pop, you...

5:47 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Thanks. Yeah, we're very happy about how it all went down!

Keep it under your hat about my soft chewy center...

9:29 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh, I forgot the one bad thing. I was watching the local news that evening, and in the shot of those of us around her, clapping and cheering, I could plainly be observed chewing gum.

Stupid Dentyne.

4:09 AM  

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