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Monday, January 02, 2006


I was startled by a bolt of insight earlier today.

Blogging is now my most prevelant hobby. I'm not sure how that happened.

I got rid of my video games. I haven't played Guild Wars in two months. I recently got Civilization 4 but have barely gotten into it. Baseball season is over. I only collect an autograph here and there anymore.


Blogging or blogging related activities take up, I estimate, 70% of my time online now.

It probably breaks down like this:

Blogging related: 70%
Baseball related: 15%
It's Your Turn: 10%
Other: 5%

If I'm not blogging directly, I'm making notes for future topics. Or I'm looking for add ons and tools. Or I'm registering my blog here and there. Or I'm looking for cartoons I like, or other silly stuff.

I spend a lot of time reading other blogs, seeing what's out there. Sometimes I look for ideas. Sometimes I look for blogs that I might like to read on a regular basis. And then, after I've decided I like them and think you should look at them, I'll link them.

Lately it seems I've spent all my time wrestling with the html on my template. I can't get things to look the way I want them. Specifically, I can't get the stuff at the bottom of the sidebar to line up properly. Aaaaargh.

I've got a couple emails into help desks. I'm really quite useless at that sort of thing. Failing that, I guess I'll hire someone locally to straighten it out for me, and maybe make the site look cooler while I'm at it.

Hmmm...When I'm not working or sleeping, I'm primarily a blogger. Who'd have thought it?


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